Safeguarding at Mount Gilbert

At Mount Gilbert School, we agree that the safety and protection of all pupils is of paramount importance and all staff will adhere to this policy and the child protection procedures established by the T&W Local Safeguarding Children’s Board.  We will work appropriately with each child, their family and other agencies to protect in all cases, the child.

For reporting concerns about a pupil please speak to one of our designated teachers:
Lisa Lyon Head Teacher or Kelly Hoggins Additional Needs Manager.

Child Protection Policy

DfE Advice for Parents and Carers on Cyberbullying

Keeping Children Safe in Education 

Complaints Procedure For Parents:

Minor issues may well be discussed directly with any member of the Senior Management Team, Form Tutors or School Business Manager, as all of these will have an overview of the School and how its procedures operate.

 Where matters of complaint are felt to be more serious the Head Teacher should be contacted directly. At this stage the complaint may have to be in written form. In the absence or involvement of the Head Teacher matters should be referred to the Deputy Head Teacher Caroline Bedford.

Complaints Policy

Complaints Procedure For Pupils

Pupils have a strong and supportive system for making complaints.  This is fully explained within the pupils Integration Meeting. Forms and a pupil friendly flow chart detailing the prodecure is displayed in the School Reception. Staff will assist pupils in the completion of complaint forms as necessary.

Pupils are encouraged to tell staff if they are not happy with something that has happened with either a member of staff or another pupil.

Pupils Complaints Flowchart and Form Download

Snapchat Parents Guide

The problem with Snapchat is its immediate nature. No matter how vigilant you are as a parent, if messages are come and gone within a matter of seconds then it is very hard to monitor your child’s use of this. The children are right when they mention the potential for cyber bullying. There is also the potential for users to be tempted to send images that are riskier than they may ordinarily be happy to send, due to the fact that they think they will only be seen fleetingly.  However even though the message ‘self destructs’ it is possible for quick witted phone users to take a screen shot of the image/ video or even photograph it from another device.

Please see the Snapchat Parents Guide below for more information:

Snapchat Parent Guide