Students can undertake a BTEC Level One in Food at Mount Gilbert.


The practical plan for 2015/16 is:


1.1 1.2 2.1 2.2 3.1 3.2- ready meal project
Wk 1 Chicken recipe Breakfast Rice Mince fish ready meal project
Wk 2 Chicken recipe Healthy breakfast Vegetarian main Pasta fish pie ready meal project
Wk 3 Stir fry Eggs Vegetarian starter/snack Lasagne Soup and bread ready meal project
Wk 4 Stir fry Baking Packet lunch for children Mince Stew/casserole (submission approx.) ready meal project 4
Wk 5 Stir fry Puddings Salads Quick cooked meat- beef Barbeque ready meal project
Wk 6 assessment 1 (a.02 achieved) Assessment 2 (a.2 achieved) Assessment 3 (a.3 achieved) Quick cooked meat pork Assessment ready meal project
Wk 7 Chicken dinner Christmas week- festive feasts Final week-
Wk 8 Pasta/toasted sandwiches


Assessments 1.1 1.2 2.1 2.2 3.1 3.2
Scenario- you go to the supermarket and pick up 2 chicken breast and a selection of vegetables for dinner, you need to prepare them safely and hygienically thinking carefully about when they are cooked through. What will you create? (a.1 achieved) Scenario- you have made a Valentines dinner and need to prepare a dessert. What is your choice? (a.2 achieved) You are a nutritionist and have been asked to produce a new product for a local supermarket. Your chosen meal should include reference to the eat well plate. (a.2 achieved) You are a butcher and have been delivered more mince then you ordered, what will you cook with the extra mince? (a.2 achieved) You are a student living away from home, you need to cook a nutritious economical two course meal for you and a friend. (a.3.1 achieved) Assessment overview planning for next year


KS3 Food Overview 2015-16

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