Telford and Wrekin Council provide all schools with a valuable resource called ‘The Cloud’.

What is cloud for?

Cloud is an educational resource which is provided free of charge to all staff/students of any Telford & Wrekin school. It gives you access to all school network drives/My Documents from home. You can also access the Microsoft Office Package for free using this service – meaning students can complete homework from almost anywhere providing they have an internet connection.

What does it do?

Cloud uses Microsoft RemoteApps & Desktop Connections to provide everyone associated with Telford & Wrekin access to the education network meaning work can be completed from home.

Making homework, sending and receiving emails and basic word processing much easier to do. You no longer have to email yourself your work or bringing in your data in on a USB stick.

How do I use it?

It’s very simple to use:

To log on to a computer, follow these steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer (browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Oprah etc. do not work)


2. Use the quick link on the Homepage of the School webpage or use

4. Enter user name leaving the prefix EDIT e.g., EDITjohn.smith
5. Enter the password used to log in at school and then press the ‘Sign In’ button

6. If you are asked if you want to connect press the ‘Connect’ button. The following screen will be displayed once a connection is established.


7. This allows you to use applications and get to My Documents.
The school drives can be accessed by following the network path, but it is easier to connect via Remote
Desktop to access the school network Drives (you will only see some of these icons)
a. Click on Remote Desktop
b. Click Connect
c. Log in again with the same user name and password e.g., EDITjohn.smith
d. Enter your password, and then click OK
e. Wait for the connection to your virtual desktop as if you were logged into a school
f. Press Start then Computer to access the network drives
g. when finished, just simply save what you’ve done, and log off!

It’s as simple as that.