The focus for the Wrekin group is on English and Maths and students making accelerated progress to close gaps in their education.

The Wrekin group is based at the Scott Centre in Dawley, not far from the main school site. We offer a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for students to learn in, focused on personalised learning for all with a high level of support. Lessons are chunked with every piece of work differentiated to meet each individual student’s needs. All subject topics are geared around the students’ interests to maintain enthusiasm, focus and concentration. We incorporate personalised interventions into every lesson to ensure all students make the progress expected.

We focus on a holistic approach, trying to engage and develop the whole person at different levels in relation to their physical and emotional wellbeing. We have high expectations based around work ethic and behaviour and every student knows what is expected of them within the classroom.

All progress is documented, shared and celebrated with individual students, staff and peers. To us, communication is key in order for every student to understand and maintain their personal targets and goals for their upcoming exams.