Careers at Mount Gilbert is delivered jointly through the PSHCE curriculum, a tailored programme of visits to employers and careers shows, work experience, and support from Future Focus.


PSHCE curriculum


Discussions around careers start as early as Y7, with activities focused around developing pupils social and communication skills as well as developing an awareness of the world of work. In KS4 the focus moves to looking at different route of progression and the varying skills and qualifications necessary for these.


External visits


These grow and develop in each academic year, allowing students to get the most from any visits undertaken. Annually students in Y10 and Y11 attend the Skills Show at the NEC in Birmingham, they also attend regular careers shows at the International Centre in Telford. We are developing a link with Epson and it is planned for two Y10 and 11 groups to visit their site, learn about the different career opportunities available to them and increase their knowledge of the skills employers are demanding.


Work Experience/Careers


Students have the opportunity to complete a one week work placement in years 10 and 11.  Students are encouraged to find a placement independently around the local area.  Some students choose to take two different placements where others attend the same placement in both years.

Before any placements are finalised, parents are invited into school to discuss the importance of work experience and opportunities it can lead to post 16.  It is in this meeting that parental consent forms are handed out and completed. Once a placement is confirmed, students complete a short interview with the provider before starting the week.  All students are given a work experience diary prior to starting the week, and are encouraged to complete this day to day explaining the tasks that they had undertaken.  During the experience students are visited by a member of staff- this is normally Keris Miles who is responsible for work experience.

Once students have finished the placement they receive a certificate and feedback is given to the school.  This is then used as a stepping block for careers.  Carol Goodfellow from Future Focus is responsible for careers and gaining placements post 16.

This year’s placement dates are as follows:

  • Year 11: 30th November – 4th December 2015
  • Wrekin Group: 22nd February – 26th February 2016
  • Year 10: 11th April – 15th April 2016


Future Focus support


Vicki Abbott from Future Focus is responsible for careers and gaining placements post 16. Vicki works with all students in Y9 – 11 to develop transition plans, complete applications to further education providers, support students on visits and with interviews and to liaise with parents around Post 16 choices. She also attends annual reviews for all students in Y9 -11 as well as other professional meetings regarding placements.


She can be contacted via email or telephone should you have any questions about Post 16 placements:

01952 380069