Nurture Group


Mount Gilbert established its Nurture group in September 2014 with four pupils in KS3. Nurture is run by the same two members of staff for four mornings a week. This includes three session classroom based and one outdoor learning.

Nurture can run with up to 6 pupils who spend time within the main body of the school as well and a substantial part of their time in Nurture.

The room provides a warm and welcoming environment with aspects of home and school, with sofas, plenty of space if needing some timeout, equipment for play as we believe social time is vital, own work spaces and tables with a clear seating plan, and computers to support learning.

We believe that it is our job to ensure that the pupils feel valued and accepted, to engage them in learning and in the life of the classroom. As confidence grows the pupils begins to respond to teaching which is aimed at the level they have reached and is linked to the curriculum in the rest of the school.

We recognise at Mount Gilbert School that each pupil is an individual and we use a positive understanding approach to managing and encouraging positive behaviour. The Nurture group teaches values and well as knowledge and skills working alongside our behaviour policy and learning and teaching policy.

Mount Gilbert follow ‘The Nurture Group Network Principles’ which include:

  1. Children’s learning is understood developmentally
  2. The classroom offers a safe base
  3. The importance of nurture for the development of self esteem
  4. Language is vital means of communication
  5. All behaviour is communication
  6. The importance of transition in children’s lives

We follow a thematic curriculum in the morning but allow time for a break with tea and biscuits and the opportunities to socially interact in a positive environment.

Students are listened to reading, speedup is completed with all students and we try and allow for practical learning when and where possible.

All pupils that attend Nurture have a Boxall profile completed on entry and during their stay in Nurture, this allows the staff to identify key areas of support and to set targets for the pupils. The first key area focuses on ‘organisation of experience’ which comes under the development strands. There are a number of different sections to this including participates constructively, engages with peers, gives purposeful attention.

If your child has a place in nurture, nurture staff will meet with you, show you the room and discuss the process in more detail. We will keep you informed as working together is paramount to ensuring the best outcomes for your child.

You child will normally spend 2-3 terms in the nurture group as this allows for the child to build up skills often needed to transfer them into their new classroom.


The aims of the Nurture group are for the pupil to;

  • become independent, effective and successful learners
  • increase their self-esteem
  • encourage them to be responsible for their own actions, understanding right and wrong
  • Participate well with their peers
  • For pupils to make and sustain friendships
  • For pupils to listen and respond to others appropriately


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