Science is all around us. Everything we do in our everyday lives is linked to Science. Here at Mount Gilbert we are aiming to get pupils to really think about the world around them from a microscopic scale to how we fit in the endless universe around us.

We learn about scientific method, linking key scientific ideas together and applying our scientific knowledge to solve problems. There are lots of opportunities for hands on learning with experiments and development of scientific skills being the keystone of the new Science curriculums.

At Mount Gilbert we offer a range of courses to suit all our different learners and allow every pupil chance to take part in practical sessions.

In key stage 3 pupils are assessed through mini tests and quizzes, practical assessments and through research presentations.

In Key stage 4 assessment varies based on the Science qualification being followed.


Qualifications studied

At KS3 pupils follow the national curriculum in a modular basis. Each year they will complete a module of Biology, a module of Chemistry and a module of Physics, all made up from a variety of topics. Across the 3 years in KS3 pupils will have a broad knowledge of many areas of Science to prepare them for their work in KS4.


At KS4, currently there are a range of qualifications being taught. Our year 10 pupils have started following the new AQA syllabus for either Trilogy GCSE Science or the new AQA Entry level certificate.

Our Year 11s are continuing on their courses of either OCR Gateway B Science or WJEC entry pathways qualification.


Details of all the specifications can be found on the exam board websites, please follow the links below:

KS3 Science


KS4 Science

Year 10 AQA Trilogy Science


Year 10 AQA Entry level certificate


Year 11 OCR Gateway B Science

Past papers are available on this website, or ask your Science teacher to print one off for you.


Year 11 WJEC Entry Pathways



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