Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)/ Modern Britain

The personal development of students is a vital part of their Mount Gilbert Education. We have created a PSHCE curriculum that gives each learner the opportunity to be inspired by topics that focus on them as individuals and active citizens. We want to give them the confidence and conviction to take action and make a difference in their personal lives, their communities and the wider world. PSHCE reminds students that their voice is important and needs to be heard.

In both KS3 and KS4 students will follow a curriculum designed by our staff, which supports the outline of study in the National Curriculum. All learners have one lesson a week, which has a key focus on social, emotional learning (SEL) and citizenship.

All students follow the PiXL EDGE Programme. It is intended, over time, to develop and accredit the life skills and attributes that employers are telling us they need – leadership, organisation, initiative, resilience and communication. This will give students a qualification, which runs alongside their academic successes and recognises what they can do as well as what they know.

In order to gain the qualification at “Apprentice”, “Graduate” or “Masters” level, students need to complete a range of activities from an approved list. The activities can be many and varied and can be undertaken in normal lessons, in extra-curricular clubs or outside of school.

Progress on the scheme will be managed by students themselves using a specially designed on-line application, with teachers providing an oversight and awarding credits towards achieving the qualification.

The students are at the heart of PSHCE and its key aim is to encourage student’s self-awareness, positive self -esteem and confidence to:

  • Stay as healthy as possible
  • Have worthwhile and fulfilling relationships
  • Respect the differences between people
  • Develop independence and responsibility
  • Make the most of their own and others’ abilities


Modern Britain

We hope to create a diverse set of individuals who experience modern British culture throughout the curriculum and have an appreciation, understanding and tolerance of those from different cultures. In addition to PSHCE lessons, students also have one lesson Modern Britain lesson per week. During these lessons we aim to equip learners with the necessary skills to support themselves and others, in turn making a positive contribution to their society. The following topics are built upon yearly:

Digital Literacy/ sexting


Drugs, alcohol and tobacco Expect respect Safety (Road/fire/first aid) Careers Sex and relationship education


Students have also taken part in a Modern Britain Immersion Day (17.3.17) in which they experienced and actively engaged in sessions covering Modern British Values. The day was a huge success and both staff and students thoroughly enjoyed learning about: Democracy; Individual Liberty; The Rule of Law and Mutual Respect and Tolerance.




Further Support

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Department for Education

(List of government information sources about children and families. Includes details of and links to the Every Child Matters programme, including Sure Start, and Gov.UK)

National Children’s Bureau

(Organisation which promotes the interests and well-being of all children and young people. Acts as an umbrella body for organisations working with children and young people)