At Mount Gilbert the maths department aim is to instil confidence in students by early indication of gaps in knowledge and skills along with addressing any misconceptions.  We then focus on diminishing these gaps alongside helping them develop a deep understanding of mathematics, focussing on the four areas of Number, Algebra, Shape, Space & Measure and Data Handling.  Students are supported and encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics and acquire the mathematical knowledge and skills required for successful application of maths in life beyond school and in examinations.

We are a creative team, constantly working on fresh ideas to keep lessons engaging and inspiring.  We follow the new National Curriculum in mathematics to ensure that all students are given opportunity to extend and deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding throughout their time in education.  In KS3 there is a focus on embedding arithmetic skills that will give them confidence to work successfully towards their GCSE mathematics exams in KS4.

In KS4 students work towards gaining their GCSE in mathematics. Students have the opportunity to take GCSE maths at the end of Year 10, and if successful, are then able to increase their grade at the end of year 11; completing a more challenging maths course and sitting a higher level exam. Students in KS4 also have opportunity to gain a qualification in functional maths.

The learning that happens in the classroom can be supported in the students own time by using; a specialist mathematics program which is fully interactive and used to make learning mathematics fun and dynamic.

The students have opportunities each lesson to produce star work and receive rewards for their effort in the classroom, and often have work displayed both in the room and around the school building.  Extra support is available for all who need it whatever the reason, whether it is to catch-up on missing skills or to challenge themselves with harder mathematical problems.

The development of mathematical skills is also a focus across all curriculum areas and in one session per week during form time.  All students have a numeracy target that all teachers are expected to plan for.  This is reviewed and updated on a half-termly basis.

Amanda Simms, the lead teacher in the maths department, is available each day after school to offer expert advice to both students and parents/carers and to feedback on student progress. Other staff delivering mathematics are also available should you wish to discuss your child’s progress.


Useful documents:


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