Head of Inclusion: Mr. S Holding

Outlining the new Inclusion room and its focus.

The Inclusion room will do “exactly as it says on the tin” and give students help and focus in staying in school. It will provide them with opportunities to “catch up” or further their academic studies as well as give them the chances to explore their thoughts and feelings in regards to them building on their self-esteem, confidence and overall positive attitude towards their own behaviour and learning.

It will show a consistent approach in all school rules and boundaries and help students understand that there are always choices and consequences, whether positive or negative. They can then learn to realise that they have control over their behaviour and learning and can make the right choices to succeed.

It will offer students a friendly ear where they can come and talk to staff, ask advice or just off load as they need someone to listen to them and their point of views.

The Inclusion room will be a totally positive environment where staff will always have high expectations of students whether it be for their behaviour or work.

All in all the Inclusion room is a place where students can feel safe and supported so feel confident enough to grow into the confident, smart and positive young adults we all know they can be!