The new curriculum of Computing is very different to the old ICT curriculum. The new curriculum focus of learning is on three main sections. Programming, Creativity , Digital literacy.  This means that at all ages students in the school will have the chance to learn all three main areas.

Computing at Key Stage 3

The teaching and assessment of Computing is linked to the three main sections Programming, Creativity, and Digital literacy. Therefore the students will be given the chance to develop each area for a term each year.

The Key Stage 3 Computing curriculum is modular. During this year at Key Stage 3 the following modules or units are studied:

Autumn 1 – Hardware

Autumn 2 – Hardware

Spring 1 – Coding: HTML & CSS

Spring 2  – Coding: Javascript & Python

Summer 1  – Animation

Summer 2 – Making a Game


Key Stage 4: I Media / ECDL

During year 10 and 11 our students follow an interactive media course OCR Imedia this can be attained at both Level 1 and Level 2. We expect all of our students to achieve the Level 2 qualification before they leave in year 11. Once they have completed the Imedia qualification which consists of 3 coursework based units and an exam, they will be encourage to complete a BCS ECDL qualification in ICT.

OCR IMedia

  • R081: Pre – Production skills
  • R082: Creating Digital Graphics
  • R090: Digital Photography
  • R092: Creating a digital sound sequence